Begging for ‘Change’

I recently received my online copy of the Suddes Groups “W.O.W. E-mail” and found myself thinking how appropriate this topic was to the efforts of the S.EC Education Foundation.

Tom Suddes, President of the Suddes Group, specializes in helping nonprofit organizations (or what Tom prefers to call “FOR IMPACT” organizations) to create, understand and fund their vision.

In this month’s newsletter, Tom explains that he found this powerful book called BEGGING FOR CHANGE, by Robert Egger. This appropriate title makes you ask yourself if it was Mr. Egger’s intention to talk about pocket change or real change through action.

The true message of this article and this book is simple; change through action creates a positive impact!

Think about the impact of the S.E.C. Education Foundation in the three short years of our existence:

  • We have had an impact on the real estate industry by continuing to sponsor and support the efforts of the S.E.C. by introducing the creative teachings of our predecessors.
  • We continue to have an impact and change the lives of those attending the courses. The testimonies from the attendees have a common theme and reinforce the real estate industries appetite for the teachings of creative real estate.
  • We have had an impact and have changed the lives of the folks we have met…which are the reasons that I and other S.E.C. Members teach. The positive response of many attendees during the teaching of the course is only exceeded by the positive results and implementation of the teachings by the attendees after the course.
  • We have and will continue to have an impact on the S.E.C. by providing a better-educated guest at our meetings. Well-educated guests who understand equity marketing, who can think creatively and who understand the Society’s core business principal that “Real Estate is a People Business” make it easier for everyone to conduct business and prosper.
  • We have begun to change and now have an impact on the way that the real estate industry looks at creative real estate and the Society of Exchange Counselors.

Change creates the need for knowledge. Impact creates the need for action. The S.E.C. Education Foundation will continue to work towards creating change by educating the real estate industry and by our actions and teaching, we will continue to have an impact on your life and mine for years to come!

Please visit the S.E.C. Education Foundation website,, for a list of the S.E.C. education programs that are available nationwide.

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