A Journey of the Mind: Books on the Counselor’s Nightstand

As members of the Society of Exchange Counselors, creativity is at the forefront of our daily thinking. But, how does creative thinking begin and subsequently become nourished over time?

I see that process as a “Journey of the Mind” which begins and ends with the things we read and experience every day. As our experiences vary by who we are and what we do each day so do the books we read to expand our horizons and keep our creative thinking on the cutting edge.

So, I got curious as to what books were on the nightstand of my fellow Counselors. Below is some information I gathered and thought I would share with Observer readers…

Enjoy your “Journey of the Mind.”

S.E.C. Members Books on their nightstand

Ed Berlinski, S.E.C., CCIM

  • Rochester Commercial Real Estate
    Rochester, NY
    Specialty: 1031 Exchange and Lender
  • IRA Wealth: Revolutionary Strategies for Real
    Estate Investments

    Author: Patrick W. Rice

    Topic: "How to utilize your self-directed IRA
    to invest in real estate."

  • Cryptanomicom
    Author: Neal Stephenson

    Topic: "An 1150 page ‘fast read’ following three
    separate story lines:

    • WW II cryptography – breaking German codes
    • Modern day Internet guru who tries to set up
      a unique Internet "haven" in the Pacific.
    • WW II special OPS group carries out the tasks
      of American/British cryptographers.

Edward Killian, S.E.C.

  • President of The Killian Group
    Reno, NV
    Specialty: Retail Brokerage and 1031 Exchanging
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
    Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

    Topic: "What the rich teach their kids about
    money that the poor and middle class do not."

William Stonaker, S.E.C., CCIM

  • My Utmost for His Highest
    Author: Oswald Chambers

    Topic: "A spiritual blessing for everyone who
    needs a daily reading to help them focus."

  • The DiVinci Code
    Author: Dan Brown

    Topic: "It’s a non-stop read."

Phil Corso, S.E.C.

  • Benjamin Franklin, An American Life
    Author: Walter Isaacson

    Topic: "A superb biography of an amazing man
    in American history."

  • Flyboys
    Author: James Bradley

    Topic: "A powerful, insightful book about events
    that changed the course of history by the Author of
    "Flags of our Fathers"…a must read."

  • Deliver Us from Evil
    Author: Sean Hannity

    Topic: A lively, conservative perspective on today’s
    political scene…

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