Teach to Learn

It seems that the modern Commercial and Investment Real Estate broker is on an endless educational cycle. Many of the states are upgrading their brokerage educational requirements and in some states there is a program whereby each licensee must accumulate a certain number of educational hours each and every year in order to retain his license.

In addition to basic knowledge we are finding a society that is changing so rapidly in its Real Estate laws, tax laws, and development of new formulas and techniques that a constant educational program is necessary to simply keep from getting lost.

Consider then the possibility of teaching some portion of the Real Estate story as a supplement to your own educational program. The desire for education in Real Estate will astound you, as will the hours of research you will find yourself doing if you include teaching in your “educational” portfolio.

At a local level there are countless opportunities to be a speaker; your local Real Estate boards, exchange clubs, local civic clubs, title company seminars, etc. Would you believe that it is very easy to spend as much as 8 to 10 hours of research in order to properly present an educational talk of 1/2-hour duration and you are the main beneficiary? Your hours of research are now “locked in” and you have current knowledge of a certain subject that few others possess.

The local Junior Colleges have tremendous educational programs in the evening college sections and they are desperately searching for qualified educators for different phases of Real Estate. Also, the instructors are anxious to have guest speakers on specific subjects. The pros tell me that the average instructor will spend about 2 hours preparing each hour of class instruction in a standard Junior College course of 17 weeks, two nights a week and 3 hours per session. You would teach a total of 102 hours that would represent approximately 200 hours of research. This new and correlated knowledge will deliver Real Estate transactions to you, by accident!

Also, and probably more important, it will give you a chance to put something back into the world.

So, take some time and “Teach to Learn.”

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