Society Meetings: A Guest’s Perspective

Editor’s Note: We reached out to a couple of real estate professionals who have attended a Society of Exchange Counselors National Invitational Marketing Meeting recently, for their perspective on the Society and our meetings. We invite you to enjoy their comments… – Marilee Anderson, S.E.C.

Attention Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Exchangors:

If you are a licensed real estate broker/agent interested in an invitation to attend a Society of Exchange Counselors Marketing meeting, please visit the Society at and submit a “Request for Meeting Invitation” found on the S.E.C web site.

Ideas and Opportunities

Kelli Murphy, Lake City, Colorado

The Society of Exchange Counselors has provided me a network of knowledgeable, experienced brokers that is unsurpassed in the real estate business. In 15 years in this industry, I have never encountered such a support system for ideas and opportunities to come together.

The meetings provide an efficient program for presenting properties in an organized style. The breakout rooms provide the space for working out the details of these transactions. The educational programs offered at the meeting sites discuss subjects that are crucial to a successful exchange business.

The S.E.C. meetings are an integral part of developing exchange opportunities for both clients and principals.

Observations and Perspective

Joseph Mendola, Bedford, New Hampshire

I want to share some observations I have about my experience in attending the S.E.C. meetings as a guest of Steve Bushey. I have three observations that have proven to be accurate about the members of the S.E.C. as I have attended the last 3 meetings and taken the education seminars.

My first observation is that I have found a group of real estate professionals who are very creative in “thinking outside the box” in terms of solving problems and creating wealth through real estate investment transactions. They seem to have less of a concern about geographic constraints than finding good opportunities. Then I looked a little deeper into the makeup of this group and formed my second observation.

My second observation is that this group of S.E.C. members care very much about building a Society that values character, integrity and trust, as “must haves” in conducting business within the group. I was very impressed and gratified to see these values were demanded by the S.E.C. members. Then I looked a bit deeper into this group and arrived at my third observation.

My third observation is that this group is interested in the spiritual growth and well being of its members. I did not think that it was possible to find these values among a group of high powered real estate professionals, but I did. The concept of trying to include the entire family to play a role in the group was also amazing to me because family is a part of our spiritual development. To be able to include my wife in this group is wonderful and I look forward to including my children. Children seem to be included in the group also.

In summary, I am so impressed that I can be a part of a group of real estate professionals who seem to embody all of the qualities that I place high value on in pursuit of my development as a real estate professional. I thank Steve for inviting me to this group.

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