S.E.C. Education 2004 Calendar

The S.E.C. Education Committee and the S.E.C. Education Foundation are pleased to announce the following upcoming programs 2004:

Date Program Venue Instructor(s)
Feb. 25 Equity Marketing Denver Bob Brougham
Mar. 14 Equity Marketing Tulsa Bob Brougham
Mar. 24 Counseling Denver Ted Blank
Mar. 31 Counseling Atlanta Ted Blank
April 6-7 Broker Estate Building Austin, Texas Phil Corso, Mark Johnson
April 25 Counseling Las Vegas Ted Blank
June 16 Creative Real Estate Formulas Columbus, Ohio Ken Vidar

The vitality and future of your local marketing group is directly tied to the degree of education and understanding of your members. We encourage each of you to contact one of the 13 instructors listed on our web site to teach a course in your area.

Do you know that the S.E.C. Education Foundation is available to assist you with national promotion and financial assistance when needed?

For questions on these courses and additional information on Creative Real Estate Education, please visit the S.E.C. Education Foundation web site (www.secedfoundation.com) or contact Jackie Hellingson, Executive Director, the Society of Exchange Counselors.

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