A Journey of the Mind: Books on the Counselor’s Nightstand

As members of the Society of Exchange Counselors, creativity is at the forefront of our daily thinking. But, how does creative thinking begin and subsequently become nourished over time?

I see that process as a “Journey of the Mind” which begins and ends with the things we read and experience every day. As our experiences vary by who we are and what we do each day so do the books we read to expand our horizons and keep our creative thinking on the cutting edge.

So, I got curious as to what books were on the nightstand of my fellow Counselors. Below is some information I gathered and thought I would share with Observer readers…

Enjoy your “Journey of the Mind.”

S.E.C. Members Books on their nightstand

Stephen R. England, SEC, ALC

  • President, Investments Property Exchange, Inc.
    Kearney, Nebraska
    E-mail: sengland@ipexneb.com
    Specialty Farm & Ranch Brokerage
  • The Millionaire Minute
    Author: Mark Victor Hansen

    Topic: "Generating Secure Weather."

  • Letter to a Young Conservative
    Author: Dinesh D. Saueza

    Topic: "An easy read. D. Saueza’s letters
    to a young college student are short, pointed, insightful
    and fun. Letters entitled "Lies my teacher taught
    me", "Why government is a problem",
    "Are immigrants to blame?" are just a few
    that debunk traditional liberal bases and challenge
    a young college student in a liberal setting to look,
    understand and develop conservative ideals."

Harry H. Kennerk, SEC

  • President, Sperry Van Ness/
    Sycamore Commercial

    Zionsville, Indiana
    E-mail harry.Kennerk@svn.com
    Specialty: Investment Property,
    Brokerage and 1031 Exchange

  • Re-Imagine!
    Author: Tom Peters
    Published by Darling Kindersley Limited

    Topic: "Everything is about changing everything!"

  • Bobo’s in Paradise
    Author: David Brooks
    Published by Simon & Schuster

    Topic: "With accuracy and wit, he identifies
    the salient characteristic of the new elite."

Tom Langel, SEC

  • President, AmeriMont, Inc.
    Manhattan, Montana
    E-mail langel@amerimont.com
    Specialty 1031 Exchanges, Ranch Land, Subdivisions
  • Good to Great.
    Author: Jim Collins
    Publisher: Harper Business

    Topic: "It’s about putting the right people
    on the bus and in the right seat."

  • The Purpose Driven Life
    Author: Rick Warren
    Publisher: Zondervan

    Topic: "What on earth am I here for?"

Bill Warr, SEC

  • President, W.W. Warr and Associates

    Lombard, Illinois
    E-mail billwarr@msn.com
    Specialty 1031 Tax Deferred Real Estate Exchanges

  • Longitude
    Author: Dava Sobel

    Topic: "The true story of a Lone Genius who
    solved the greatest scientific problem of his time."

  • The Darwin Award.

    Author: Wendy Northcutt

    Topic: "A stitch – will keep you laughing
    – over a serious matter. Need a good laugh? This is
    a must read."

Andy Wells, SEC

  • Prism Commercial Real Estate
    Hickory, North Carolina
    E-mail awells@theprismgrp.com

    Specialty Development and Investment Brokerage

  • A Short History of Nearly Everything
    Author: Bill Bryson

    Topic: "Bryson explores the various realms
    of science and reviews what we know and how we come
    to know it. Interesting but those who frequent hotels
    may want to skip the section on dust mites."

  • The Artist Way
    Author: Julia Comeron

    Topic: "A spiritual 12 week course in (re)
    discovering your creativity. This is not a quick read.
    Consider it an ongoing effort to be what you are meant
    to be."

Chuck Sutherland, SEC

  • Getting Things Done
    Author: David Allen
    Publisher: Viking Penguin, 2001

    Topic: "This is a great book on managing everything
    there is to manage."

  • Tax Free Exchanges Under 1031
    Author: Jeremiah M. Long & Mary B. Foster

    Publisher: West Group, 2002

    Topic: "All about the 1031 exchange with case

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