S.E.C. Education Foundation News – University Grant Program

The S.E.C. Education Foundation, a non-profit 501 C-3 affiliate of the Society of Exchange Counselors, awarded grants to three major university real estate programs in 2003 as part of the Society’s “University Outreach Program.”

Indiana University, Wichita State University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas were each recipients of grants awarded to their respective real estate programs in support of the Society’s efforts to communicate to students and faculty the Society’s unique real estate philosophy, business principles and core values.

Students from Indiana University attended the S.E.C. Invitational Marketing meeting in Indianapolis in September and were mentored by Steve Steffel, an S.E.C. member, who is the Society’s representative to the I.U. Center for Real Estate Studies. Dr. Jeff Fisher, Director of the Center said: “Thanks for inviting our students to the S.E.C. meeting as they each reported to class on what was clearly a very worthwhile, real world education experience.”

In October, four students from Wichita State University, all of whom were real estate and finance majors, attended the Foundation sponsored “Broker Estate Building” education program. In accepting the grant from Society member Colby Sandlian, Dr. Stan Longhoffer, Director of the WSU Center for Real Estate, stated: “The S.E.C. Education Foundation’s generous grant will be invaluable as we continue serve the real estate community in Wichita and the surrounding region.”

Robbie Robinson, S.E.C. has been working with the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and mentoring several students majoring in real estate in cooperation with the UNLV real estate and finance program. Professor Deborah Marsh will visit the S.E.C Las Vegas meeting along with several UNLV students. Society member, Chet Allen, has graciously invited several UNLV students to attend his education program prior to the S.E.C Meeting in December.

The Society’s president, Mark Johnson, commented on the S.E.C. University Outreach Program stating: “This is perhaps the most important initiative the Society has undertaken in our 42 year history. Reaching out to college and university real estate programs and introducing them to the philosophy, business principals and core values of the S.E.C. and its members will reap long term benefits for all concerned.”

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