Nurturing the Creative Process

“Creativity”… a word that has been used in symbolizing one of the great philosophical freedoms we possess. As Society of Exchange Counselor members, we have the unfettered ability to explore and propose new and different aspects of our business and Society life with counterparts in a non-threatening atmosphere. As a result, we profess the highest regard for creative transactions, creative financing, creative leasing, creative people skills etc. In essence, we tout ourselves as being “Creative” practitioners.

To the extent we use tested tools and norms in our daily practices we must recognize that these utensils did not arrive without a large degree of skepticism, review, criticism and rehashing. A new idea can be initiated by virtue of an improvement on a prior idea, task or ritual or, in the alternative; it could be a brand new thought or concept.

The important aspect of our “Creative” endeavors is to continually offer a non-judgmental forum and platform for the introduction, analysis and dissemination of new and “Creative” concepts and Ideas.

It is imperative that each of us keeps in mind beneficial “Creative” concepts that have been incorporated into the very fabric of the Society and even into the NAR.

Don Eymann, S.E.C., many years ago produced an easy to use three page “Preliminary Exchange Offer” to assist those in marketing meetings with a quicker method of identifying and offering in on properties. That form is still being used today.

Bill Broadbent, S.E.C., CCIM, one of the very first CCIM’s in the nation, introduced to us many years ago something called “Single Agency.” A revolutionary concept at the time, but a major advancement in the practice of client representation. Bill’s effort and those who worked with him has culminated in the use of ” Single Agency” or “Buyer Broker” relationships all over the United States.

Bill Warr, S.E.C., created a computerized matrix, which would allow attendees of marketing sessions to go far beyond a two-way exchange. This concept is being further advanced through the use of the Trade Tracker system being used and incorporated in our meetings.

Charlie Huggins, S.E.C., initiated discussions in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s concerning linking our offices by a remote electronic mail system. His idea was just unthinkable at the time. Charlie was right and today we all do business not only with other S.E.C.’s but the entire real estate industry through the computer.

These are just a few examples of Creative talent that has been initiated over the years. More recently, however, it has occasionally become hard to get a new idea past the initial introduction. Human nature is to counter any new idea with reservation and skepticism. It is important that we do not let even the smallest new concept or creative idea be dismantled before it has a chance to really be tested and heard. To do otherwise is called “Creative Destruction” and is counter to our S.E.C. philosophy. Every new and creative thought must be allowed to flow freely, gather momentum and be tested in the marketplace of ideas.

In an effort to channel new ideas and concepts into a specific safe haven, the S.E.C. Board of Governors has formed a new committee called the “Creative Idea & Concepts” committee. Marilee Anderson and I will be chairing this committee and look forward to hearing any new concepts or ideas that you think may be beneficial to our cause…. the advancement of creative real estate.

This is an open forum for members and friends of the Society to get your idea in the mainstream without subjugating it to the vicissitudes of the masses. We will gently review and analyze your idea and then work with you to ascertain its value and whether it can be beneficial. Several ideas have already been presented. Big or small we welcome your input.

Creativity is the process by which powerful ideas are born, grow and become part of the fabric of our lives. The Society of Exchange Counselors is the place where creativity blossoms. Join the cause and let’s hear your ideas!!!

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