Ballpark Wisdom

“Character means doing the right thing when nobody’s watching…”

One of the clichés one hears often among baseball fans is that “Baseball is Life”… a reflection of the values to which most of us subscribe and a metaphor reflecting some simple principles that, if followed, will help those who understand to carry forward the life lessons learned on the field of play throughout their lives. It’s an education like no other…

I read an essay recently called “Playin’ the Game Right.” It didn’t have an author but it did have some great points about the “rules of the game.” I thought the life lessons I found in between the lines were just as important.

“Persistence is more important than talent and it doesn’t take any talent to hustle.”

Persistence is one of the most important character traits one can have. A “never give up” attitude, especially when faced with adversity, whether in life or on the field, is one of the keys to success in life as well as in baseball. We all know its true that smart, hard work has rewards and that all it takes to work smarter and harder is the right mental attitude and a desire to hustle. I like folks who hustle…they make things happen!

“Tuck in your shirt and don’t wear your hat backwards.”

First impressions make the difference. How we handle ourselves in all situations, on and off the field, is a reflection of who we are and what we want to accomplish in life. So, we tuck in our shirts; we hold our heads up high and live our lives to achieve our goals.

“Practice hard because you play the way you practice.”

The lesson here is that no one is perfect and that hard work has its rewards. If we stay focused, determined and practice life’s lessons, we will be rewarded with success in our endeavors. If we study hard, we will learn more. And, if I practice my curve ball in the bullpen, I will throw it better in a game… a simple life lesson to learn.

“Set high standards along with knowing the steps to attain them.”

This is an important part of achieving our goals. “Aim High” in life and learn the steps needed to take to find your place in the world. That attitude, if you carry it throughout your life, will be the difference between success and failure.

“Don’t tell people what you are worth, prove it to them, and don’t let anyone make an excuse for you”

Baseball teaches this life lesson well. We all know that actions speak louder than words. Our actions are a reflection of who we are. It is up to us to achieve our goals quietly and without excuses. We all know people who are all talk, no action and ready with an excuse at all times. Do not be one of them…let your actions speak for themselves.

“Life is not fair…regardless of what some people want you to think.”

This is one of life’s hardest lessons but also one of the most important. Life is not fair and expecting it to be is a useless exercise. We must make our own way in life, just as we must perform on the baseball field. No Excuses… just get it done and don’t expect life to be “fair.”

“Be passionate and ‘Love the Game’.”

Being passionate about what we do in life is sometimes the difference between getting it done or watching others do it instead. We need to love the game we are playing or stop playing. Whether it’s the game of baseball or the real estate game, passion for what we do is the path to success.

“Balance makes champions.”

The most successful people I know lead a balanced life. They work hard and play hard. They put their families first above all else. They understand what it takes to be a “champion.” They seek education for its own sake; help others when help is needed and find a way to “get it done.” They accept responsibility for their actions and they go fishin’ to keep things in balance.

“Pitching sets the tone. Be confident. Be Focused. Keep the ball down.”

A pitchers formula for success that transfers easily to everyday living. Set the tone for what you want to accomplish. Be confident in your game plan and focused on your objective. Most importantly, keep the ball down in the strike zone so the folks who try and hit your pitch remain under your control. Good lessons here…

“Work on your game every day of the year. The guy who beat you out for the starting job did and the team that always beats you does.”

Think about how this applies to your everyday life, your business and your goals for both. We live and work in a competitive world. Concentrate on the things that keep you once step ahead of the competition…business ethics, product knowledge, and market presence. Do whatever it takes to win the game of life.

“Who you are today is a result of who you were in the past. Fill your past with smart work and good deeds and you will maximize your potential.”

Enough said?

We have set high expectations for the work of the S.E.C. Education Foundation. Our objective is to pass on the knowledge of our founders through today’s members who carry forward the core values and business principles upon which the Society was founded…Service, Experience and Counsel…

Those are the “rules” by which we play… which, like baseball, teach life lessons that will help you play the game of life and win the game of real estate.

Remember, Baseball is Life! You can’t win if you don’t play…

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