Summertime and the livin is…

Wow, it has been 95 degrees in the shade, the sun is hot and the humidity is 80% plus. Does that sound like summer? Is summer a time of the year when things change in the business world? Does your family have expectations for the summer? Do your clients have expectations for summer? Is it hard to keep focused and meet the demands of a family and clients? As the song goes, “summertime and the livin’ is easy.”

In the real estate business, summer is a period of opportunity when your time management skills must be perfect. The demands on your time can and often times are unmanageable. Your children are in sports, scouts, camp, or visiting relatives, your spouse has trouble getting each family to the respective activities and your office staff is going on vacation at the worst possible time. Ever hear of Murphy and his little law of unintended consequences? What am I supposed to do?

The first thing you do is go to the nearest mirror, look at yourself and say “This is going to be a great summer and I will be prepared and ready for everyone and every opportunity.” Every morning you must set aside a specific amount of quiet time to plan your day and review the week and month. You must be flexible! I would suggest buying a yearly calendar that could be placed on a wall in your office. This calendar should show all twelve months at a glance. You can visualize the year and planning becomes very easy and you become very effective. You can see the vacation times of your employees and sales staff and you can structure your appointments accordingly. By using a different color marker, you can also visualize the needs of your family and identify the known time requirements. This tool is one of many ways to make your life easier. This allows you to enjoy the family while being productive at work. Flexibility is important as sometimes things do change. However, never allow your family to become less than the most important part of your life.

Since you are scheduling and setting appointments, I would suggest that you look at attending the next SEC Marketing Meeting in Indianapolis in September. For information on the SEC Marketing Meetings logon to; you will find a request for meeting invitation, a schedule of the 2003 SEC meetings, find a member and locate the property to complete your next transaction.

While you are visiting the Society’s web site, click on the link to the SEC Real Estate Observer ( and review the list of education programs that being offered by The S.E.C. Education Foundation.

Remember the seven “P’s:” Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance.

Enjoy your families and make the summer of 2003 your best ever.

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