Broker Estate Building

Wichita, Kansas
October 9th and 10th, 2003

The S.E.C. Education Foundation is proud to present, in association with the Kansas CCIM chapter, “Broker Estate Building,” one of the S.E.C.’s signature course offering on October 9th and 10th in Wichita, Kansas.

Registration for the program is ongoing with information available by contacting Rod Stewart, S.E.C., CCIM, at 316-651-0041.

The Broker Estate Building program is comprised of historical creative estate building formulas for Real Estate Practitioners. The formulas and ideas for this course were originally created, researched and taught in a seminar conducted by Colby B. Sandlian, S.E.C., and Clifford P. Weaver, S.E.C.

This course and its materials was revised and rewritten in 2003 by Phil Corso, S.E.C. with the valuable assistance of Mark Johnson, S.E.C. and the ongoing guidance and encouragement of Colby Sandian, S.E.C. and Bob Steele, S.E.C.
Presented by Phil Corso, S.E.C. and Mark Johnson, S.E.C., CCIM, the primary focus of the Broker Estate Building program remains centered upon using real estate as an estate-building tool for the real estate broker and investor, creating long-term cash flow and maximizing profits.

Phil and Mark take a no-nonsense approach to teaching that fills the room with excitement and enthusiasm. They teach beyond techniques and add their personal experiences to every segment of their programs. As active investors and developers, Phil and Mark not only “talk the talk, they walk the walk” in their daily lives. Broker Estate Building graduates discover how to become more effective in their real estate practice and, ultimately, make more money. Graduates head back home better armed with new knowledge that will enhance their potential for prosperity.

Broker Estate Building is a comprehensive two-day program with strategies and tactics to help you become an “Estate Builder:”

* Building your estate thru Creative Real Estate
* How to become “Your Own Best Client”
* The Transition: From Broker to Principal
* Creation of Wealth Formulas
* Acquisition and Negotiation tactics
* “Capital Formation Plans” for your projects
* Expanding Expertise – Managing Time
* Establishing Banking and Investor Relationships
* Understanding your Goals and Objectives
* The “Golden Rules” of OPM
* Group Ownership Strategies & Structures
* Control Property thru Options
* Mortgages, Notes and Seller Financing
* Counseling the Client and the Broker
* Buying, Selling and Exchanging Strategies
* Leasehold Interests and their impact
* Case studies of closed transactions

For additional information on sponsoring the Broker Estate Building program with your organization, contact the SEC or either instructor.

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