Jim Crowley, S.E.C.

Jim CrowleyH. J. “Jim” Crowley was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma in 1924. His father was a railroad man, and worked for the Rock Island Railroad, while his mother was a housewife tending to the family needs. His father’s employment created several moves for the family during his school years. In addition to Chickasha, Oklahoma he attended school in El Reno, Oklahoma, before moving to Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated in 1942 with 1,000 other students from Southwest High School, in Kansas City.

Jim attended Kansas City Junior College for one year before enlisting in the United States Navy. He was assigned to the South Pacific Theater for duty during World War 11. A special Navy program enabled Jim to enroll in college toward the end of his tour of duty. He attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, and he graduated in 1947 from the University with a degree in finance.

Gulf Oil Company offered young Mr. Crowley a position after graduation, and he was assigned to their office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he remained for twelve years. He was promoted to Director of Budget and Economics for Gulf Oil Company, and transferred to Houston, Texas. After five additional years with the company, he resigned his position and departed the corporate environment for the exciting world of real estate.

In 1963 Jim was licensed as an agent to sell real estate in the State of Texas. He continued to improve his real estate skills over the years by aggressively pursuing available educational course offerings. This pursuit of education led him to the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute. He completed the demanding course schedule and other certification requirements to be awarded the coveted designation of Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) in 1977.

During the same period of time, Jim was invited to be a member of the Society of Exchange Counselors. After twenty-five years of membership, Jim remains very active in the Society and attends many of the scheduled marketing sessions. He and his wife, Mary, swell up with pride as they retell stories of the many good times they have enjoyed with the S.E.C. family.

Harold James Crowley was wed to Mary Elizabeth Oden in 1949. Mary Elizabeth was born and raised in Waco, Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Texas, with a degree in accounting. Mary Elizabeth and Harold have two daughters, Sharon and Libby, who have blessed them with four grandchildren. Mary is a licensed agent, and works side by side with Jim in their business.

Jim’s love for excellence in education led him to form a firm known as Real Estate Career Development Institute. His firm develops courses that meet the mandatory continuing education requirement for the State of Texas. His 1031 exchange course has been taken by most of the Realtor Land Institute members in the State of Texas.

Jim is also one of the few licensed 1031 facilitators in the State of Texas. His firm, Exchangers Intermediary Services, Inc. has earned a favorable reputation within the state exchange societies. The word on the street is: if you want the exchange to stand up to IRS scrutiny, call Jim Crowley.

Jim Crowley has had a great influence on my life. His friendly engaging personality allows him to transmit information to those he comes in contact with, many times without people even realizing that the transfer is occurring. Jim Crowley’s willingness to share his information and his knowledge with me led directly to my completing the CIREI courses and earning my CCIM designation. He has continued to be my mentor as I develop my skills as a property exchangor. Jim is never too busy with a deal to not stop and assist a fellow broker with an exchange problem.

Jim and Mary operate Crowley/Sprinkle, Inc., a real estate brokerage firm in Houston, Texas. Their team concept has allowed them to pursue their real estate careers during the difficult economic times that were experienced in Texas during the 1980’s.

Time permitting, Jim is an amateur photographer. Jim also has a jewelry hobby, in which he repairs and manufactures jewelry items.

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