It’s Your Decision

Picture yourself on the bank of small lake early in the morning. The water is clear and smooth, the birds are singing and the world appears to be perfect in many ways. You pick up a rock and throw it into the lake. Is there a change? Of course there is, the water is no longer clear, no longer smooth, and the birds have stopped singing. You have changed your environment. Just as your decision to toss the rock created ripples in the lake, your marketing decisions can create changes in your business environment.

Imagine for a moment, that your client comes to your office and, over a cup of coffee, tells you that she has a million dollars to spend and she requires a 10% return on any future real estate investments. You explain to her that the real estate market has changed and an investment that returns 10% is nearly impossible to locate. Will your client be forced to change her way of thinking or will you decide to change your way of marketing and find the product that produces her desired yield?

How do you provide the product that will satisfy your client’s needs? How do you tap into the resources of experienced commercial brokers across the U.S.? The Society of Exchange Counselors (S.E.C.) can assist you in getting the answers to your questions. The S.E.C. is an organization of independent commercial real estate professionals from all parts of the U.S. and Canada who pride themselves on solving problems and providing alternative solutions. For the past forty years, the Society of Exchange Counselors has held five (5) marketing meetings every year in various locations throughout the United States. At these meetings brokers meet for three days in organized marketing sessions where hundreds of properties are presented representing hundreds of millions of dollars in property values. Our next meeting will be in Atlanta, on May 4th through May 8th. It is very likely that you will find the property that meets your client’s needs at the meeting.

Now, imagine sitting in your office a few days following your attendance at the May S.E.C. meeting and you receive a call from another of your clients to explain that he is not earning enough interest on his investment dollars and wants to know if you have any solutions. He has challenged you. With a smile on your face, you glance over at the S.E.C. Marketing book on your desk. You know that in the marketing book there are hundreds of properties and from that selection there are probably dozens of high cap rate properties that will meet his requirements and located in areas where he will be proud to be an owner. Did you answer his challenge? Yes, you now have the ability to provide him with the return he is seeking. Could you have completed the task without attending the S.E.C. Marketing Meeting? Only you can answer that question, just like making the decision to access the unique S.E.C. broker-to-broker marketing forum is a decision that only you can make.

Please be aware that attendance at a S.E.C. Marketing meeting is by invitation only. If you know an S.E.C. member, ask them to invite you to join us at one of our meetings. If you don’t, then go to the S.E.C. web site,, and submit a “Request for a Meeting Invitation” to the Society for consideration. Better yet, contact me directly at and I’ll tell you all about the benefits of attending one of the Society’s marketing meetings.

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