SEC Education: A Journey

The journey begins with a 1974 article entitled “Teach to Learn,” by Bob Steele, S.E.C., one of the founders of the S.E.C. Observer and perhaps one of the Society’s most respected teachers and authors, who wrote these words:

“It seems that the modern commercial and investment broker is on an endless educational cycle… In addition to basic knowledge, we are living in a society that is changing so rapidly in its real estate laws, tax laws, and development of new formulas and techniques that a constant education program is needed simply to keep from getting lost.”

So, where do you search for learning, knowledge and wisdom in order to “keep from getting lost?” Do you have an education program for your professional growth? Or are you just one of the masses that head down to the local real estate school or click on the new fangled “on-line” courses and renew your license every couple of years? When was the last time you took a class on a subject that you know very little about but that relates to your chosen profession? When was the last time you really learned something new?

If you are an S.E.C. member, the quest for knowledge is part of who you are. It is also a large part of our objective as a Society committed to make education be the connection between people, property and technology.

There is something else that makes our Society stand out amongst the crowd and keeps us bound to our traditions while remaining a leading agent of change. It is our desire to, as Bob Steele calls it, “Teach to Learn”.

Teaching to learn is a process that every Society member does instinctively everytime we share a formula, moderate a package, instruct a class, and brainstorm a solution to a challenge. We learn by sharing our knowledge. We teach by sharing our experiences.

The S.E.C. Education Foundation’s objective is to broaden the horizon between teaching and learning with something we call “SEC Education.”

S.E.C. Education is a means to an end that starts with your personal desire to change who you are and how you do what you do. There are a few basic requirements that portend understanding the journey we propose you take with us:

First you must be ready…intellectually, emotionally, and professionally to seek new knowledge.

Second, you must desire knowledge for its own sake. That means your measurement of the importance of taking a class or attending a seminar must go beyond your desire to renew your license to practice real estate.

Lastly, you must be prepared to engage yourself in a journey of the mind. You must be willing to travel the path less taken. You must be open to new ideas and tried and tested formulas. You must be willing to allow your creative mind to work its magic.

When you are ready, S.E.C. Education will help you navigate the sea of change we all face in our business and personal lives. The courses offered by S.E.C. instructors around the nation will, in the words of Bob Steele, “keep you from getting lost.”

Your search for learning, knowledge and wisdom starts by attending an SEC Education program…. and that journey never ends.

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