Doing Business “The S.E.C. Way”

There is a scene at the end of every episode of the historic Lone Ranger TV series where someone asks the question: “Who was that masked man?” Doing business with a member of the Society sometimes leads one to ask a similar question.

Where else among the fraternity of commercial and investment real estate brokers will you find someone asking questions about your client’s objectives in a transaction? About how the transaction can be structured to assist your client achieve his goals? About whether or not you have counseled your client?

Where else do you find that brainstorming solutions other than cash is part of the discussion? Where the ideas or solutions presented make you stop and think? Where another broker will help you and assist in finding creative ways to structure the transaction that you had never thought about before. Where patience, perseverance and knowledge are all part of the deal making equation? Where you experience a level of expertise and understanding of exchanging, financing, equity and cash are blended together to make a deal work?

When was the last time someone told you that “Real Estate is a People Business?” That while the numbers are certainly important, they are not the driver in the deal? That benefits, equity, structure, timing and your clients needs are also part of the formula for success?

When was the last time you truly did some thinking outside the box?

Well, doing business “The S.E.C. Way” will show you a path that has perhaps been missing from your life. It is the road less traveled and it will make all the difference.

So, come to one an S.E.C. marketing meeting and find out for yourself. Better yet, take one of the S.E.C. Education Foundation programs. They will change your life.

Creative real estate is alive and well. Doing business “The S.E.C Way” is your path to success.

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