Poetry in Motion: C.C.C.

Charles C. Chatham’s initials were of course, C. C. C.
and he was the man who made clients into counselees.
He taught us to gather information we cannot today
to help the client avoid the IRS to excessively pay.

The data was to be used for clients’ benefits first
and foremost, not to take advantage to enrich self,
but many used the latter in pieces, then bursts,
putting need of client out of sight on the shelf.

That’s what happened to exchanging of today,
arming too many amateurs with a too easy way
of gaining personal knowledge to use as owned,
until the client was broke to extent of deboned.

Dick Reno saw the benefit of counseling to use,
both he and Charlie warned us to avoid abuse!
The Society has survived by following the rule,
using counseling as intended, a helpful tool,

yet, it seems business as a whole cannot be done
without encountering those concerned with No.1,
and that’s what gives real estate a very bad name,
and, “industry” instead of profession in the game!

We know, in the wake of tax “reformation,” as
well as good financial times across the nation,
that our form of marketing groups have declined,
but I think the cause was more of greed defined.

The Society, then, in new millennium to survive,
must teach CLIENT benefits again, to stay alive,
and do it, like Chatham, going out to hinterland,
Reinvigorating “exuberance,” where now is bland!

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  1. I just discovered the SEC website. I attended the Chatum course three times in the 1970’s. I still use what I learned often. I used to live in Great Falls and knew you from the exchange meetings in Missoula.