Bob Steele, S.E.C. – A Biography

bob steeleMr. Robert Steele was born in Carthage, Missouri in 1927. He now resides in Borrego Springs, California.

Family: Bob’s parents were William C. Steele and Birdie M. Steele. He was blessed with three children; Robin Ann is in Medical Research, Kerry is a Certified Public Accountant and Craig is a Mortgage Banker.

Interests: Played pro baseball, flying, golf, tennis, fishing, hiking are some of the sports Bob enjoys. Art collecting and reading and writing poetry are some more interests.

Awards: The award of Exchangor of the Year in 1969 was a lifetime memory and achievement he was very proud to receive. Also Bob has been inducted into the Real Estate Exchangor Hall of Fame.

Goals: Bob’s life goal is to become more spiritual through study and meditation on the power of life. On target with his business goals, Bob has longed hoped that the S.E.C would expand and really get into the international market. He thinks they cannot reach their full potential until they are worldwide.

Real Estate Philosophy: Simple – it is the people that count.

Through his eyes: He likes to see the barriers being broken down in the world and looks forward to the day there will be no political barriers or “boundaries” between relationships of the people of the world.

Bob Steele actually lived in places many of us only dream of or read about in National Geographic Magazine. Places like: Oaxaca, Mexico; Costa Del Sol in Spain; London and Marlow, England; Maui, Hawaii, Monterey Peninsula and Newport Beach California.

Two magazines were founded or co-founded by Bob; the Real Estate News Observer which is now Creative Real Estate and Global Wealth, published from Spain. With two partners, Richard Reno and Cliff Weaver, Bob originated and ran the Real Estate Expo, the largest private enterprise real estate convention in the U.S. This convention was held annually in Las Vegas each year. After ten years Bob sold out but it continued to run for over 20 years. He authored seven books on creative real estate.

Bob has taught seminars for a seminar company which he owned, he taught also for the Reno Educational Foundation, SOS Seminars (which he owned with Cliff Weaver). He also taught for the Chatham Educational Foundation and Robert Allen. He taught real estate exchanging and related subjects throughout the United States.


One of Bob’s best moments in Real Estate that he enjoyed was when he, in combination with Kenny Johnson SEC, bartered through all aspects of acquiring, fixing, renovating and moving through a 56-unit apartment building without using any cash. The most significant event was being recognized as the best Exchangor of the Year and looking over the attendance, realizing there were maybe 30 or 40 S.E.C. members that Bob had completed a deal with.

Bob was truly a devoted driving force in the structure and development of the SEC. Always there to help the newcomers and promote the ideas and ideals of the Society of Exchange Counselors. The numbers and homework were always essential but his philosophy was the importance of the people and their situation and motivation. The Steele family contributed heavily to the first 20 years of SEC.

Bob’s final comment was two fold, that most of his lifetime friends are SECs and “Go International.”

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  1. This information, though accurate, could not be more modest. Modesty,
    humility, honesty, sincerity, expertise, achievement, fulfillment are
    all present in whatever Bob does. I am proud to know him, and call him
    a friend.