The Society: Poetry in Motion

Service, Experience and Counsel
were the basic creed
when founded some forty years ago,
and from that humble beginning, a
family as well, began to grow.

That family has now gone on to two
generations, and is heading for the
third, as children follow parents in
both profession and beliefs…

hearkening to the words, as taught
them, seeing in reality it’s been
bound together by truth, honesty, co-
operation and help,
one to another, a solid foundation
from the ground.

The catalysts, of course, are first,
communication, and second,
educations, both that make the glue
that seals the amalgamation into a
concrete truth.

The final element, present in every
single thought,
though not always spoken, is the
common belief among all in that
guiding force of life,

Who gave us each life, and the
opportunity to be born free in
the western world, itself grown from
amalgamation of peoples from
everywhere with humble origins,

And that humility is the ingredient
that lets us see all our brethren here
as if we looked in a mirror to reflect
his needs as our own, i.e. the
Golden Rule!

The Society, so constructed, can and
will endure, and is a living tribute to
its founders Dick Reno,
Charles Chatham, and all the others,
ever pure!

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