Looking Forward

Here’s a suggestion that I believe will multiply the opportunities at a truly geometric rate to SEC members, Candidates and our friends who are wired into the digital revolution in the real estate business…

Did you ever notice the “forward” button at the top of your email screen?

Here’s how we can all use it to our best advantage.

When you see an item (It can be a listing, an article, an advertisement, a have/want etc.) come across your screen that you know the your professional colleagues, clients, partners or friends could use to their benefit, simply hit the “forward” key and type in on the “to” line the e-mail address of the folks with whom you want to share the information…. Then just click the “send” button.

As some of you already know, the article or listing will be immediately electronically transferred to everyone’s computers instantly and we can act on the information. If the item only relates to one individual, send the item to his or her email address. If it relates to a whole group of folks, send it to everyone.

If we all take the actions above, the cumulative effect of all of these referrals will surely result in many more opportunities for all of us.

Each of us is not exposed to the same email networks and we receive different information that may be useful to other SEC members and our friends.

Good Luck…. Try it and see what happens!

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