Introducing the S.E.C. Education Foundation Website

If the roots are strong, the tree will grow even stronger…

SEC Members, Candidates and Friends:

I am pleased to announce the creation of the SEC Education Foundation web site.

The Mission of the SEC Education Foundation is to “…Encourage, promote and sponsor education programs in Creative Real Estate”.

The new web site is our means to promote available programs, instructors, and funding for the Foundation’s programs.

We encourage you to explore the Foundation’s web site and let us know if the Foundation can assist you, or your organization, in promoting or sponsoring an education program. We can provide instructors on a variety of subjects in the world of creative real estate and, under certain policy guidelines, assist financially in sponsoring a program.

We look forward to that opportunity.

Click on the Observer link to explore our new web site and discover our renewed commitment to being the national leader in creative real estate education.

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