A Rewarding Game Plan

The astute, successful businessperson has a game plan. It continues to be an amazing fact that so many individuals expect positive results without designing a program or strategy for success.

Success in our side of the real estate business focuses on three basic components:

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Networking

First, marketing sessions. Marketing sessions are a unique and proven method to market real estate. To profit from a marketing event and come away with a sense of accomplishment requires one to have specific goals, set objectives and a commitment. A number of considerations need to be addressed in order to adequately prepare for a marketing session. These include but are not limited to:

  • Which of my clients merits the valuable podium presentation time?
  • Which of my inventory is to be included in the marketing book?
  • How much homework and backup information is necessary to manufacture a transaction?

Secondly, most multi-day marketing events offer some sort of education. It is not difficult to be a “mediocre agent”, but to be a successful agent mandates adding to one’s information bank, expanding one’s knowledge of the industry and continually updating one’s skills. Even “specialists” need to keep abreast of what is happening in related fields. This enables the agent to remain competent, to recognize current problems, formulate operable strategies and seize opportunities.

Third is networking. A network of professional associates is invaluable to a complete game plan. It becomes easier to create transactions that will close when armed with a national roster of competent agents. Networking includes a working knowledge of those organizations, affiliates, allied products and services that assist in maintaining a state-of-the-art real estate practice.

Today, more than ever, time is of the essence. An integral part of a successful game plan and crucial to all productive real estate practitioners is where and how to “spend” our time and dollars. Several organizations currently offer varying forms and combinations of marketing, education and trade expositions. None are as extensive, organized or effective in producing all three as a Society of Exchange Counselors marketing event.
What is a SEC marketing session? A SEC marketing session is the forum for you to market and expose product. A SEC marketing session is the platform for you to obtain valuable education. A SEC marketing session is the environment for you to make personal contacts and establish priceless new relationships. It is THE real estate gathering designed to provide you with more opportunities, more possibilities, more knowledge, and more potential income-all in one place and at one time. A SEC marketing session is committed to posturing you for profit, expanding relationships, exposing you to opportunities and gathering knowledge.

A SEC marketing session is founded on the premise that a need exists to bring together transaction-minded real estate licensees who understand the benefits of people-oriented marketing. The SEC marketing experience promises to fulfill that need.

The SEC marketing experience subscribes to the philosophy that working together, communicating with one another, sharing ideas and experiences will create more successful transactions than ever before. The SEC marketing experience combines, in a positive and constructive atmosphere, those who are new to the creative marketing process with those who possess a wealth of experience and expertise.

The SEC experience is dedicated to unification. The Society of Exchange Counselors recognizes the diversity of marketing sessions that exists across the nation and is pledged to expanding and reinforcing the uniqueness of the equity-marketing concept. The Society fosters and encourages interaction among all the various marketing programs. The Society marketing sessions are the playground for new ideas and techniques that result in more effective and productive marketing meetings.

Networking and keeping informed as to the latest innovations is a primary key to success in our business. The Society of Exchange Counselors recognizes the value of establishing a nationwide web of contacts. Social activities are designed to promote networking and business in a lively and fun atmosphere. As a participant, you will be able to experience a supermarket of quality property and personal relationships.

For the brokerage community to provide the professional services required by a demanding public, it is necessary for the agent to develop a game plan which combines viable marketing strategies, quality education and a heightening of their awareness to new ideas and innovations. A SEC marketing session promises to be a dynamic and rewarding experience. They are not to be missed.

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