Some Things Never Change

You have heard all the clichés many times: Change is inevitable; Change is our friend; Change is the only constant in life; Change is the place where you’ll find opportunity waiting?

Yet the fear of Change is a common reaction. It is in our nature to resist it, to fall back on the tried and true. The assumption of failure is a recipe for inaction.

Changes in our personal and professional lives must be welcomed, anticipated, managed, planned for and reacted to…we must embrace change in order to grow as individuals and as organizations. We must encourage new ideas, new formulas, and new ways of thinking. We must seek out change and act on the opportunities it brings.

As Real Estate professionals today, the pace of change is rapid. Markets change on a dime and interest rates change daily. Access to information has changed how we conduct business. Times change… just as they always have and always will…

Yet, while talking to one of the Society’s life members about this subject recently, he reminded me of another cliché’:

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”…

I thought for a moment and realized just how true that statement really is…the fact is that change is an ever-present reminder of the best of the human condition…our ability to think and adapt, to take that which represents the best of the past and mold it to fit the future…to change.

The only thing that holds us back from achieving our potential in life is our ability to understand, embrace and enjoy the changes that life bring us.

The one thing that sets us apart as members and friends of the Society is that secret only we know…that real estate always has been and will always be a people business….

That’s something that will never change…

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