SEC Tradition Reestablished

A long time tradition of the Society was re-introduced at the Dallas SEC meeting in March. Leo Goseland, our newest Full Counselor, was administered the SEC Counselors Oath by Mark Johnson, 1st Vice President of the Society during a reception for Members and Guests at the Dallas meeting. Joined by his wife, Deborah, Leo accepted the responsibilities associated with full counselor membership and stated, “It is a great thrill and honor to become a member of the Society. I intend to be an active member and do my part to live up to the traditions and spirit of the Society.”

Leo was welcomed into the Society by the Members and candidates in attendance who joined in to shake his hand and offer their congratulations.

The SEC Counselors Oath will be administered to all new members thus re-establishing a tradition of the Society.

Full Counselors’ Oath:

As a Full Counselor Member in the Society of Exchange Counselors, I do hereby accept the duties and responsibilities of Full Counselor Membership in the Society of Exchange Counselors and:

  • I promise to uphold the values upon which the Society was founded: Service, Experience and Counsel
  • I promise to adhere to the bylaws of the Society.
  • I promise to serve the Membership of the Society in the duties I am assigned.
  • I promise to professionally transact business with the public and my fellow members.

I will sustain the trust placed in me as a Member of the Society of Exchange Counselors and will endeavor to promote the mission of the Society, protect its integrity and sustain its reputation for excellence at all times.

Welcome to the Society of Exchange Counselors…

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