SEC Strategic Planning Update

We have experienced two great strategic / long-range planning sessions. In Orlando, we had the vision of nine (9) past presidents; in Dallas, we experienced the input from sixteen (16) members. In Denver, we will once again ask for input from another twenty (20+/-) members. If you have not been asked to attend the previous sessions, expect to be a part of Denver.

Our goal is to review the SEC in its entirety. Some salient points that will be raised are:

  • Do you think there should be a limit on the number of attendees at a marketing meeting?
  • Do you think we should have a maximum number of members?
  • Do we want to create a profile for the perfect member?
  • Do you believe the SEC can be better served by offering a “core” education plan and the implementation of mandatory continuing education for members?
  • Can the SEC improve its function within the real estate community by creating strategic alliances with other professional groups?
  • Can we improve basic operations?

Create your own questions and plan on being a part of the solution or future of the SEC. We will be writing the final review during this summer for a presentation to the board and membership in Minneapolis. We need your input.

See you in Denver.

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