Leading the Way

In 2001, The Society of Exchange Counselors embarked on a journey to re-invent education in the field of creative real estate. Recognizing a void in sophisticated education programs targeted to real estate professionals, we have committed our time, expertise and resources to becoming, once again, leaders in providing, sponsoring and underwriting advanced real estate education programs to our industry.

In prior years, SEC Instructors like Dick Reno, Royce Ringsdorf, Chuck Chatam, Cliff Weaver, Bill Broadbent, Wally Walker, Chet Allen, Colby Sandlian, Bob Steele and others led the way in establishing the exchange marketplace. They did so by teaching tried and true methods of conducting business that differed from the norm of the day. The Society embraced client counseling, creative solutions to property challenges, outside the box formulas for wealth building and, most importantly, recognizing that “real estate is a people business”.

The S.E.C. Education Foundation, a 501(c) 3 public foundation, will take up that cause once again. We will present education programs that reach back to the fundamentals of creative real estate. We will provide instructors to real estate organizations nationwide to once again teach the core business principles that have allowed the Society to grow and prosper for over 40 years. Courses in Counseling, Exchanging, Broker Estate Building, Development, Creative Formulas, Taxation, Paper and other topics will be available through our efforts.

Our mission is simple: “…to encourage, sponsor and support projects in the area of creative real estate education“.

To that end, I encourage you to contact the Society if you need assistance in educating your membership. We can assist your local exchange group or real estate organization in providing top quality education programs for your members. We also encourage you to attend S.E.C. Education Foundation programs, offered in conjunction with the Society at our national invitational marketing meetings, throughout the year. A listing of our initial programs will be found in our quarterly publication, The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer and on the Society’s home web site, www.secounselors.com. In May 2002, programs of interest to you will also be available on our new Foundation web site at www.secedfoundation.com.

Education is a life long journey. It is what allows us to stand apart from the crowd, to better serve our clients and our personal goals and objectives. The S.E.C. Education Foundation is dedicated to real estate education and forever grateful to those who founded the Society and led the way. Their legacy is ours. Their vision will once again lead the way.

For more information on the S.E.C. Education foundation, visit its website: www.secedfoundation.com.

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