Inside this Issue: Spring 2002

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer”, an e-publication of the Society of Exchange Counselors.

In embarking on this adventure, a very wise SEC reminded me:

“A Pro’s knowledge is of no value unless it is passed on…”

Thus, the mission of The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer:

  • To pass on our knowledge
  • To teach
  • To inform
  • To share our experiences
  • To spread the message of the Society of Exchange Counselors…
  • and to communicate the Society’s philosophy that “Real Estate is a People Business…”

Inside this issue, you will find articles and columns written by S.E.C. members. You’ll discover ideas and formulas you can use in your real estate practice. There are links to real estate related websites. News about our Society and its activities are only a click away. You can read online, print individual articles or the entire Observer for your reading pleasure later.

We hope you enjoy our new publication.

Philip D. Corso, S.E.C.
2002 President

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