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What Are Your Priorities?
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Winter 2017 - 2018 on December 2017
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As my time comes to a close as the 2017 President of the Society of Exchange Counselors, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you regarding priorities. Every time I attend an S.E.C. meeting, I feel like I have just inhaled three days of pure, fresh, unaltered oxygen! As I think about it, the […]

President’s Message
Posted in Fall 2017, S.E.C. President's Message on September 2017
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We recently returned from our meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, which was a very well attended and productive meeting. There is one meeting left this year, in Savannah, Georgia, in November. We continue to try to adhere to our Mission Statement and the Vision of the S.E.C. to grow and improve each year, and it doesn’t […]

Patience Is a Virtue
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Spring 2017 on April 2017
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When I was a little boy—in fact, all throughout the years as I grew up—my Mother had a saying that used to drive me NUTS!  Anytime I was anxious for something to happen (ie., Christmas, birthday, school to get out, etc.), she would always say to me, “Nick, patience is a virtue, and one that […]

President’s Message – The B-3 Initiative
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Winter 2017 on February 2017
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With 2017 well underway, and in a hurry, no doubt, we have probably all forgotten about those quiet moments we spent over the holidays, pen and paper in hand, making notes, daydreaming, and thinking about all the things we were going to do in the coming year to improve ourselves both personally and professionally, and […]

President’s Message – Time for an Annual Check-up
Posted in Fall 2016, S.E.C. President's Message on October 2016
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Time for an Annual Check-up It’s that time of year. Before the holiday season begins and all manner of distractions curb our attention, how about taking some time to do a cursory evaluation of your own and your clients’ real estate holdings over the past year? This may seem obvious or redundant, but some may […]

President’s Message – Factoring in Risk?
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Summer 2016 on June 2016
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Factoring in Risk? Whether you think that the economy is actually heading for a financial reset and, in some scenarios, a catastrophic reset, or that the fiscal fear mongers are out of control and financial collapse is just a way to sell more books, there is one factor you must consider when counseling your client […]

President’s Message
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Winter 2016 on February 2016
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I grew up around real estate professionals. I remember from a very young age my father, Paul F. Winger, talking about his mentors and partners—names like Marv Naiman, Bob Brougham, and George Becker. Becker and Brougham officed with Dad. Mr. Becker always had a smile and an optimistic outlook and he offered thoughtful and timely […]

Mentors Matter
Posted in Fall 2015, S.E.C. President's Message on October 2015
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Have you ever taken time to reflect upon your life and career in order to determine why you are where you are now in your life? Clearly, one’s circumstances in life are in most part due to the decisions and actions that are made throughout our lifetimes. The quality of those decisions and actions can make or break you.

Kick-Start Your Investing Career
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Summer 2015 on August 2015
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How does one begin the process of investing in commercial real estate? Without a doubt, this is the question that I often hear from first-time prospective investors as well as new and seasoned brokers.

Benefits Rule
Posted in S.E.C. President's Message, Spring 2015 on April 2015
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Imagine for a moment that you are attending a marketing session in which there are no properties. Rather, each attendee brings with them a basket of benefits to a potential transaction. They attend the meeting for the sole purpose of marketing the benefits specific to their baskets.