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Equipment Sales and Your Insurance Policy
Posted in News from Our Sponsors, Winter 2011 on December 2011
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Recently, in a local newspaper, there was a story about a convenience store owner who suffered a fire that nearly destroyed the entire store. Prior to the loss, the store owner was lucky enough to convince a bank to lend him some money for operating capital…

Is a Single Member LLC Really a Single Member LLC?
Posted in Fall 2011, News from Our Sponsors on November 2011
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Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”) are all the rave today for acquiring, holding and managing real estate. They are easy to form, easy to administer, and easy to deal with for income tax purposes. This is especially true if the LLC is a Single Member Limited Liability Company (“SMLLC”) since a SMLLC is not only a “pass-thru entity” but also a “disregarded entity”…

Bringing Money To The Table: Resolving Disputes
Posted in News from Our Sponsors, Summer 2011 on August 2011
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Like any other business, the bottom line is unquestionably important to property owners…

Responding to Catastrophic Loss
Posted in News from Our Sponsors, Spring 2011 on April 2011
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In response to requests following my presentation, “Responding to Catastrophic Loss,” I have prepared a list of the emergency steps that the property owner should take immediately after the property sustains a disaster.

UPREITs as 1031 Exchange Replacement Property Solutions
Posted in News from Our Sponsors, Spring 2011 on April 2011
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Real Estate Investment Trusts, usually referred to as REITs, are very similar in concept to a mutual fund that invests in real estate and real estate related assets.

‘Coinsurance’ in a Property Insurance Policy can be Problematic
Posted in December 2010, News from Our Sponsors on December 2010
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In the unfortunate event of a property loss, you may learn a lesson about coinsurance.