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Steve Eustis, S.E.C.
Posted in In the Spotlight, Winter 2017 - 2018 on December 2017
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Biography Steve Eustis, S.E.C. After spending time with Steve Eustis, it is quickly apparent that Steve is a fitting example of an S.E.C. member. He has been a hardworking man his entire life, earning respect from all his peers through many successes. His elevated level of standards for himself and his work shows in his […]

John L. Tyler, Jr.
Posted in Fall 2017, In the Spotlight on September 2017
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Biography Ciao (Italian), Hallo (Afrikaner), Xio Chao (Vietnamese), Bonjour (French), or Heebue (Arapaho Indian). Chances are John Tyler has used these greetings of “Hello” at some point in his life. John is remarkably well-traveled; in fact, the love of travel and a desire to learn new things and meet new people have been key factors […]

Marilee Anderson, S.E.C.
Posted in In the Spotlight, Spring 2017 on April 2017
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Biography Marilee Anderson, S.E.C. Marilee was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.  Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, and her father was an entrepreneur with retail stores specializing in western wear that catered to the stockman and equestrian market.   Her maternal grandfather, an architect, was an inspiration to Marilee.  She was a cheerleader and figure […]

Charles S. Steffel
Posted in In the Spotlight, Winter 2017 on February 2017
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Biography Charles S. (Steve) Steffel, S.E.C. Steve Steffel was born in 1943 in Defiance, Ohio, a small town in northwest Ohio. His parents lived in a smaller rural village of 75 homes near Defiance called Brunersburg, where he grew up among farmers and factory workers.  His playground was the nearby river, where he kept his […]

Darrell Leason
Posted in Fall 2016, In the Spotlight on October 2016
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Another giant has fallen: Darrell H. Leason, 87, passed away September 30, 2016.  In the last few years, Wichita has seen the passing of George Ablah, Lindy Andeel, Michael Weigand, Jack Hunt, and now Darrell Leason.  It is not a surprise that the ranks of the commercial real estate brokerage business in Wichita have been […]

Wally Walker
Posted in Fall 2016, In the Spotlight on October 2016
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Obituary Wallace Allen Walker May 26, 1927–July 6, 2016 Editor’s Note:  Wally Walker, a former S.E.C. Member, wrote numerous articles for the original Real Estate News Observer.  Wally was the inventor of the Taker Board that we still use today. Wallace Allen (Wally) Walker of Boise passed away on July 6, 2016.  He was born […]

Gary Vandenberg
Posted in In the Spotlight, Summer 2016 on June 2016
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Gary Vandenberg, S.E.C. Gary grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was the middle child with an older brother and younger sister. His mother was a keypuncher (or what would be referred to today as a computer data technician) and his father was an excavator. They divorced when Gary was five years old. Growing up, […]

Jim Brondino – Legend Award Recipient
Posted in In the Spotlight, Winter 2016 on February 2016
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Jim Brondino, S.E.C., CCIM Editor’s Note: This speech was given by Ted Blank on January 19th during the S.E.C. annual awards and installation banquet, when Jim was named as a recipient of the Legends Award. When you think of Legend what does it mean to you? The dictionary defines a legend as: A story from […]

Life Member Award Recipients
Posted in In the Spotlight, Winter 2016 on February 2016
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The Society periodically awards honorary Life Membership to members who have consistently contributed to the success of the Society, members who have a history of serving as volunteers, on committees, in leadership, and as ambassadors who represent the best of the organization. The following members were awarded Life Membership status during our annual awards and […]

Annual S.E.C. Award Recipients
Posted in In the Spotlight, Winter 2016 on February 2016
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Congratulations to our 2015 Award Recipients! 2015 Counselor of the Year – Stephen R. England The Counselor of the Year Award is given to the Member who has contributed the most to the wellbeing of the Society throughout the year and who has: A productive record of ethical business practices. A record of exemplifying our […]