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Fifteen-Year History of a Triplex
Posted in Feature Articles, Spring 2017 on April 2017
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This is a whole series of creative financing techniques used on one property over a 15-year period. In 1999, I had a client who was in a pickle. She was living in an assisted living facility, but she still owned a residential triplex where she had lived for many years previously. She had given power […]

Counseling as Part of the Due Diligence Process
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2017 on February 2017
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This is an excerpt from 5 Things That Should Be on Your Due Diligence Check List, a course taught by John Brennan, an S.E.C. member and past president, and Vicki Yeomans, an S.E.C. member. During the due diligence period we rush to check certificates of occupancy, surveys, utility availability, and myriad items that appear on […]

US–Canada Economic Relations
Posted in Fall 2016, Feature Articles on October 2016
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NO TWO NATIONS MATCH UP MORE CLOSELY TOGETHER OR ARE WOVEN TOGETHER MORE DEEPLY, ECONOMICALLY, AND CULTURALLY THAN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA. In December 2010, I wrote an introductory article for the Observer about Canada. It summarized macro-demographics, economy, Canada–US relations, and so on. A review of that article can reacquaint. My observation over […]

What the Society Means to Me
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2016 on June 2016
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I attended seminars presented by James Misko and Wally Walker in my hometown of Missoula, Montana, in 1972,and shortly thereafter attended Richard Reno’s course near San Jose. My mentor/partner, J.C. Jacks, was the only S.E.C. in Montana at the time, and he piqued my interest; the three seminars closed the deal.Cliff Weaver was a friend […]

Proactive Investment Strategies
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2016 on February 2016
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“Proactive Investment Strategies vs. Passive Investment Strategies for the Advanced Wealth Builder” As I write this, the stock market is gyrating up and down several hundred points from day to day and sometimes during a single day. On the financial programs on TV this week, Wilbur Ross and Warren Buffett both stated during interviews that […]

Techniques for Disposing of “Bullet Hole Land”
Posted in Fall 2015, Feature Articles on October 2015
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As I travel around I can’t help notice the abundance of unsaleable land parcels scattered around the landscape of America. As we all have experienced, not all land parcels are located on Main Street USA. There are many land parcels inclusive of…

The Entitlement Process
Posted in Fall 2015, Feature Articles on October 2015
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What do I have to have to go vertical? What if I am acquiring a property that the seller says is “ready to go?” Some developers only perform horizontal development—nothing higher than a fire plug. Examples of this are land developers for residential subdivisions and large commercial tracts.

Don’t Bury Your Money – Invest It!
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2015 on August 2015
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In my opinion, depositing all of your money into a bank is tantamount to burying it. In fact, it may sometimes make more sense to bury it in your backyard — especially when you factor in the risks, inflation, and opportunity loss of the depreciating cash locked up in CDs or other long-term and low-interest investments. Let’s just take a minute so that I can explain what I have just said.

Invest in Your Multi-family Property to Increase Returns
Posted in Feature Articles, Spring 2015 on April 2015
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Sometimes we can simply improve management or make changes that don’t cost much money. But the greatest gains in NOI usually take place because the owner actually invests cash in improving a property. Here are a few ideas that may be useful in your community.

2015 – What Happens Next?
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2015 on February 2015
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The current factual numbers in long-term (30 years to 80 years) macroeconomic trends and cycles show the historic patterns of what is known as the “winter segment” of the overall cycle. This segment of the long-term cycle is where excesses from earlier cycle segments are corrected. I think we are already into the beginning of the “winter segment”.