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Is Retail Really Dead?
Posted in Society Columns, Winter 2017 - 2018 on December 2017
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We hear it every day—retail is dying, the internet will make shopping centers obsolete. But is that reality, or is it something that those that do not know retail are saying to hear themselves talk? Is retail dead—or evolving? I would say the latter. But, now more than ever before, successful retail must have a […]

Forging Global Connections
Posted in Fall 2017, Society Columns on September 2017
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Illinois REALTORS return to MIPIM,
Forge international connections

Improvement — Not Perfection
Posted in Society Columns, Spring 2017 on April 2017
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Recently I was at a dinner with a group. One of the attendees was clearing and wiping the table. I was having a little fun with him, and said, “You missed a spot” and pointed. He calmly looked at me and said, “I’m working on improvement, not perfection.” A lot of life is like this—can […]

Creativity, Patience, and Persistence
Posted in Society Columns, Winter 2017 on February 2017
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Editor’s Note: Steve Eustis and Jeff Drinkard were the recipients of the 2016 Clifford P. Weaver Award given by the Society to recognize the most creative transaction of the year.  The narrative below was provided by Steve Eustis when he submitted his application for the award.  The editor assigned the title of the article. In […]

Situational Awareness
Posted in Fall 2016, Society Columns on October 2016
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It is no secret among S.E.C.s that some of our Members enjoy tactical shooting: we sweat and roll around in the mud with rifles and handguns and see if we can outdo each other in different tactical situations, shooting hundreds of rounds of live ammunition. We spend time thinking of different scenarios about what to […]

Is a Twitter Hashtag the Answer? Maybe.
Posted in Society Columns, Summer 2016 on June 2016
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Over the years I, like many others who have attended real estate marketing meetings, have pondered this question: “How can we play a part in promoting the local, regional, and national groups where real estate equity marketing takes place? How can we make them more aware of the meetings that are currently taking place across […]

What is the Vision?
Posted in Society Columns, Summer 2016 on June 2016
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Does our organization or our business have a good vision? I listened to a speaker this week who used an illustration for all organizations and businesses.  He told us to think about our business or group as a rope circle with all of our employees or members inside, but holding on to the rope.  The […]

Professional Sports Teams and Real Estate Investors
Posted in Society Columns, Winter 2016 on February 2016
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While watching the National Basketball Association draft of college players recently, it occurred to me that there are a lot of analogies between professional sports teams and real estate investors. Both have inventory (players or buildings), an owner, a CFO (CPA), a general manager (attorney), and a director of player personnel (spouse). In order to […]

The Manly Thing to Do
Posted in Fall 2015, Society Columns on October 2015
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Because the Society is about relationships, I want to share a life lesson with my Society friends. As Society members, we pride ourselves as being “family” and have developed close bonds with each other.