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Mark Johnson, S.E.C. (Brownsville, Texas) is the president of Border Properties, Inc., based in Brownsville, Texas; holds the CCIM designation; and is active in industrial development specializing in NAFTA based warehousing on the Mexican Border. He is an active nationwide investor and provides property management services for retail, commercial and industrial property. Mark was the 2003 President of the Society of Exchange Counselors; he received the Yvonne Nasch Award for completing the most transactions among our membership in 1996 and 1998; and he was the 2004 president of the S.E. C. Education Foundation. Mr. Johnson served as the Editor of the S.E.C. Observer in 2005 and 2006.©2009-2011 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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What Results Are You Hoping For?
Posted in Fall 2017, Formulas and Strategies on 27 September 2017
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When you think of something that needs to be completed, what is the first thing you think about? Do you think about the steps you will take get started, or do you think of a clear result?  My question is and always will be, how can you think about what needs to happen if you […]

The Decision of Indecision
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Winter 2009 on 6 January 2009
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When you open a newspaper or any type of magazine, what do you see or read about? The key words today are Global Markets, Credits Crisis, Recession, Depression, Bail Out, The Big Three, Car Czar, Oversight, Failure, Housing Crisis, Obama’s Plan, and Fraud. Based on what we read, a normal person would dig a hole, crawl in, and wait for the sunshine of a new beginning…the decision of indecision.

Teaching Real Estate…to Yourself
Posted in Society Columns, Summer 2007 on 17 July 2007
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You open the door to the office, you sit down at your desk, and you begin to read yesterday’s mail. You notice that intermingled with the junk mail and the bills are the placards or other mail detailing the availability of the many education opportunities. You are now forced to make a decision; throw the […]

Who is Really in Charge?
Posted in Society Columns, Winter 2007 on 17 January 2007
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We all wake in the morning to complete darkness, or to the sun, signaling the start of a new day! Our pre-work routines are as important as what we do every day at work. My first question is: “Do you control the day or does the day control you?” What I mean by that is […]

Inside this Issue – Fall 2006
Posted in Fall 2006, Inside this Issue on 17 September 2006
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We should call this issue “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” The S.E.C. President, Steve England, extols on the changes taking place within our marketing sessions as a reflection of the national market; we have an article that enlightens us as to the pitfalls of representing ourselves as owners; and Yvonne […]

When do You Begin to Plan for Your Future Ending?
Posted in Feature Articles, Summer 2006 on 17 July 2006
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I can remember coming home from school and my Mother would ask, “Did you have a good day at school?” and shortly thereafter she would ask, “Do we need to plan for tomorrow?” That was her way of asking if I had any homework assignments. From those early days and throughout my life, everyone has […]

Inside this Issue – Summer 2006
Posted in Inside this Issue, Summer 2006 on 17 July 2006
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The one word that I would use to describe this issue is “Explore.” The dictionary defines explore as: to travel into or wander through; for the purpose of discovery. In this issue,w e wander into the mindset of investing in small markets, we travel to the future and explore what it takes to plan for […]

Inside this Issue – Spring 2006
Posted in Inside this Issue, Spring 2006 on 17 May 2006
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This issue of the S.E.C. Observer is truly an “S.E.C.” issue. Creativity, Cooperation, Collaboration, and Counseling are the cornerstones of the S.E.C. organization and this issue brings together all of these important elements. I believe this issue will help you understyand yourself, your client, the real market that we live and work within; and will […]

Ideas and Formulas
Posted in Formulas and Strategies, Winter 2006 on 17 February 2006
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Where do they come from – these ideas and formulas? Why are they so important to each of us in the real estate industry? Each idea or formula was created to solve a need. Think about that for a minute. Each idea or formula was created to fill a need. That is a powerful statement […]

Inside this Issue – Winter 2006
Posted in Inside this Issue, Winter 2006 on 17 February 2006
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The Las Vegas issue of the Observer will provide you with several challenges. For example, can you add value to value, should you consider short-term loans as part of your portfolio, and does the “Velvet Hammer” still work today in today’s real estate market? All this information is important to your real estate life. Would […]