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Philip D. Corso, S.E.C. (Scottsdale, Arizona) is President of P.C.I Associates, Ltd. and a real estate developer, investor and educator based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is currently engaged in self-storage ownership and development. He is a past president of the Society of Exchange Counselors and a past president of the SEC Education Foundation. He teaches several real estate related courses and was the 2002 SEC Counselor of the Year.©2009-2011 The S.E.C. Real Estate Observer

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Creativity Street
Posted in Autumn 2009, Society Columns on 25 October 2009
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I was thinking the other day. …Has today’s challenging and volatile real estate market taken the wind out of your sails? Do you know of someone involved with a “Problem Property”? Are you not making any money and starting to tap into your reserves? Are you starting to wonder why your bank might be calling every other day to check up on you and how you are feeling? Remember the loan you took out a couple of years ago with a “Lender’s Insecurity” provision that says that any time the lender feels insecure it may call the loan due?

Notes in the Margins: Lifelines on Living
Posted in Society Columns, Summer 2007 on 17 July 2007
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I first started using the term “Notes in the Margins” one day as I rounded second and headed to third… I’ve always enjoyed writing notes to no one in particular about things on my mind. And since I already knew how to type, I started doing it more often. A couple of years ago, I […]

Creativity = Curiosity + (Instinct x Intuition) + Change
Posted in Feature Articles, Spring 2007 on 17 May 2007
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I just refilled my Gatorade on the rocks, and decided to tune into my favorite watering hole on the net…. island music just seems right tonight and Margaritaville is just a state of mind anyway. Properly prepared, I then sat down to write this note. You see, I promised Jackie Hellingson I would write something […]

Dream Weavers
Posted in Fall 2006, Feature Articles on 17 September 2006
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Don’t you think it’s sad that lots of folks just sit around hoping that their dreams will come true? I am equally amazed that most people do absolutely nothing in pursuit of their dreams for fear that their dreams may not come true. Even more just give up and move on to another dream, leaving […]

Perfect Balance: a Thought on the Business of Life
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2005 on 17 January 2005
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Once upon a time…in a place far, far away…I was a student of the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese philosophy where one calls upon the oracles for guidance and understanding when faced with life’s challenges. I was fascinated by the Chinese principles of Ying and Yang, which represent certain natural forces at work in the universe […]

Weaver Wisdoms…
Posted in Summer 2004, The S.E.C. History Files on 17 July 2004
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Author’s note: In researching the materials Colby Sandlian provided me during my rewrite of the “Broker Estate Building” education program he and Cliff Weaver taught many years ago, I came across these little pearls of wisdom in Cliff’s old teaching materials. I think they provide a timeless perspective and a few chuckles in a far […]

Capital Formation Planning
Posted in Point - Counter Point, Spring 2004 on 16 May 2004
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OPM and Safety First There are three fundamental rules of capital formation planning when considering how to attract investors to any real estate venture. In other words, there are some “Golden Rules” for utilizing “OPM,” (other people’s money) to create value for yourself and your investors and, along the way, build your personal estate: The […]

A 15% Return on Costs = 100% Financing
Posted in Feature Articles, Winter 2004 on 16 January 2004
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In today’s real estate financing market, is it possible to get a construction loan equal to 100% of your land and project costs? The answer is yes; it is possible and I have done it multiple times over the last few years. How? Well, consider this approach. You are a Developer. You have good banking […]

Work Hard, Play Hard: Cliff Weaver and Jim Farley Chronicles
Posted in Autumn 2003, The S.E.C. History Files on 15 September 2003
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The Society of Exchange Counselors has a long, illustrious history as leaders in creative real estate, exchanging and counseling spanning 42 years. Throughout that history, S.E.C. members have always considered themselves as family and lived the “Work Hard, Play Hard” philosophy that is the hallmark of successful people everywhere. Two founding S.E.C. members perhaps personify […]

Ballpark Wisdom
Posted in Autumn 2003, S.E.C. Education Foundation on 15 September 2003
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“Character means doing the right thing when nobody’s watching…” One of the clichés one hears often among baseball fans is that “Baseball is Life”… a reflection of the values to which most of us subscribe and a metaphor reflecting some simple principles that, if followed, will help those who understand to carry forward the life […]